YUBAC Basketball Camp | Interview: Ljuba Vidacic
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Interview: Ljuba Vidacic

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Interview: Ljuba Vidacic

Interview: Ljuba Vidačić, famous basketball player and coach in YUBAC camp

Yubac – the best place to learn first basketball steps

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1. Thinking back to the beginning, what was your first touch with basketball?

My first basketball steps took place in preschool days, through watching the broadcast of the matches. Although I was the youngest, my parents respected the rule that my time to watch basketball was around 5 p.m. I began to train when I was eleven, because I promised my friend to go with him to training, if he stays after school to finish a football game. Since then, almost all of my friends are in touch with the basketball.

2.   What is the most appropriate age to begin serious practice of basketball? What aspects   should be brought forth in that age.

The right time to start practicing basketball depends on the environment, popularity of basketball in those moments, and so on. It’s not too late to start training at the age of 13 or 14, although most top players began at the age of 10. In the beginning, the most important is to learn the basic elements of basketball and to consider this sport as the game you’re fond of.

3.How useful for children’s development and mental and physical abilities is to practice in group, the system practiced in YUBAC camp?

Working with peers, many of whom are from other countries, brings some experience necessary for meeting the challenges which basketball and life spell. Campers can learn a lot through the way of training and playing because they are working with expert coaches, while demonstration of basketball skills by professionals makes the process of learning much easier. An important point in the development of children is their path to being independent so Kopaonik mountain and Yubac camp are the perfect place for it.

4. When you look at a child with the ball, what do you notice first, what element you mostly pay attention to?

I have always been attracted by a high-quality dribble. It includes the necessary speed and a good shot after the dribble. But, at first, work on the basic elements is the most important.

5. Is there a moment, a win, a big score that you can stand out as the most favorite in your basketball career? Why is it so special for you?

There were important scores I made, but I can’t single out the most important one. They have all contributed to continuation in training and playing in a better mood. And when a player achieves something that makes him be praised by many, it should be his motivation for further work, not for relaxation.

6. What is your message to the young that are to come and to the people who love basketball?

Everybody should watch what they like, whether it comes to the NBA, Euroleague basketball or younger categories. It is important to listen to the coaches in trainings and do their best. If they are talented, paths will be opened and dreams will come true. See you in YUBAC camp next summer!

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