Shooting Camp

  • About CampIt looks quite simple to say – there is the right and the wrong way to do things. You can practice shot 8 hours a day, but if the technique is wrong, all “the good”, in shot is done in the wrong way.
  • Head CoachVeselin Matić, the Champion of Asia with national team of Iran, head coach of the national team of Poland, assistant coach of the national team of Yugoslavia.

Price : 400 EUR


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You will practice:

  1. set shot and free throws
  2. jump shot and 3 point shot
  3. lay up and pro lay up
  4. shot in move and after dribbling… more than 2000 shots per camper

We bring you to the accurate automatism for scoring!


  1. warm up, stretching, conditioning
  2. technique (shooting, moving, receiving the ball)
  3. competition (1 min. shot, hot shot, free throws)
  4. 3 on 3 play

We detect the causes of a miss!

Great shooters care about 3 things:

  1. Did the team win?
  2. Did I contribute to the win?
  3. Who do we play next?

Rarely is there only one right way to do something – there is one way that is right for you discover it!

Learn to play like a pro!

• All players will be grouped according to age and skill level
• Certificates of participation, prizes, trophies and awards
• Competition: Quick shoot, 1:1 league