Centers Camp

Head coach: Vlada Djurovic, the champion of Yugoslavia with Sibenka BC and Zadar BC, the winner of the national cups with Panionios BC, Achilleas BC and Ostende BC.

Get prepared for „the war“ under baskets!

Date: 12.07.- 19.07.

Price: 400 EUR

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Centers Camp
Zarko Vucurovic


Ball reception in the low-post position

Description: On ball reception, pay attention to the following issues: ball reception (arm position, wide stance), eyes over the shoulder in order to see the players’ placement. Usually, players get the ball low into dribble too early and, therefore, it’s important to explain the players when to get the ball low into dribble i.e. it is done in 1-1 situations. The sets of the same (or similar) kind are usually practiced.

  1. Step - as any shot can, it can be done from different positions , depending on the game situations and coaches’ demands. In order to waste less time, we have chosen the simplest way for getting into the low post position and demonstrate the step shots set.


In these exercises, pay attention particularly to the following: dribble and hand pass/looking at the defender

- 1a – back fake without moving the foot toward the baseline, dribble into the middle, semi-hook; ball reception on the second jumping place

- 1b – fake toward the baseline, dribble into the middle, coming back and a step along the baseline and shot;

- 1c – dribble into the middle, step fake, back into the middle and shot;

- 1d – dribble into the middle, step fake, back into the middle, shot fake, front pivot or back pivot (depending on the defense) and shot;

Fade away

Description: As with all the shots from the low-post position, the players should be deprived of the premature dribble (bad habit)

-2a – a leg fake into the middle, coming back toward the baseline and a shot without the dribble;

- 2b – a leg fake into the middle, coming back along the baseline and faking, front pivot and a shot (if the player comes from the top);

- 2c – fake into the middle, a pivot toward the baseline and a fake, a crossover step and dribble into the middle (if the defender reacted after a fake) and a semi-hook;

- 2d – fake into the middle, pivot along the baseline, shot fake, back pivot with a dribble into the middle and a shot;


Direct step

Description: A shot from the middle of the lane – from the baseline, with and without the dribble. Use the shot when defense is close, body to body;


And a fake toward the front side, a direct step and a shot toward the other side;

Facing from the lower position

Description: Exercises for the players who can make advantage by facing, 4 in relation to 5;

- 1a – ball reception, facing away the basket, a fake into the middle, returning the back pivot, coming into the face-to-face position;

- 1b - on receiving the ball, make the back pivot and get into the face-to-face position, the play with or without the dribble (one step);

- 1c – ball reception after two steps or contacts, step with the right foot first and the left afterwards and receive the ball by the back pivot, attack b facing the defense, a shot or penetration (various ways of scoring);