Guard Camp

Specific work with guards on the basis of head coach, Zoran Sretenovic’s program, a player of Red Star, Jugoplastika, Partizan, Radnicki, Bamberg, Ostrava, National Team and one of the best play-makers of Europe ever. He won two European Championships with Yugoslavian National Team, championships and cups of Germany, three Champion Cups, for winning titles, two Cups and two Supercups of Yugoslavia. A coach of Hemofarm, Partizan Igokea and Vojvodina.

Bekovi 2012

Term: I 05.07.-12.07. II 19.07.-26.07.

Price: 400 EUR

Zoran Sretenovic, main coach, invented along with YUBAC board the program of work, competition, rest and living together in general.

Training starts, lasts and finishes with an emphasized emotional note, which is the most important to younger categories for keeping full concentration during the two-hour practice.

The working atmosphere is excellent; affection to basketball is being developed through little games wherein dribbling is in progress, as well as passing, shot and all other technically tactical elements.

Each exercise has an integrated exclusive quality of coaching profession, there must be awareness of each second in field, in order to make a transfer during the game and make players, comparing to the initial state after their arrival, play more with "head".

We teach camper:

1. How to control the tempo of the game and how to set positional attack....

2. How to start the counterattack and how to finish it...

3. How to identify secondary counterattack and be in it...

4. How to identify defense, how to organize attack...

.....and more:

1. How to acquire basic skills in offense and defense......

2. What are socio-cultural skills that he must possess....

3. How to think in the play-maker's position

4. How to develop the self-confidence

Daily working schedule:

1. Getting up 08:00

2. Breakfast 08:30 - 09:00

3. Team meeting 09:30 - 10.00

4. Training 10.30 - 12:00

5. Lesson 12:00 - 13:0

6. Lunch 13:00 - 14:00

7. Rest 14:00 - 16:00

8. Team meeting 16:00 - 16:30

9. Warm-up 16:30 - 17:00

10. Training 17:00 - 18:30

11. Dinner 19:30 - 20:00

12. Games (league) 20:30 - 22:00

13. Coaches meeting 22:00 - 23:00

14. Sleeping (campers) 24:00



Complete work plan for a week (micro cycle):

1. total number of technically-tactical trainings = 11

2. total number of trainings of general and specific physical preparation = 11

3. total number of games = 5

4. total number of competitions in basic basketball elements = 5

5. play 1:1 in 1 of the field with three dribbling top = 3

6. total number of visits to the pool = 3

7. total number of meetings = 4

Some of exercises of basic basketball technique:

position how how many repetitions
Dribbling in move in 1/1 of the field polygon through competition
Dribbling in move in 1/2 of the field a game("hide and seek") 5-6 minutes
Dribbling in move in 1/1 of the field point-to-point games through competition
Passing in 1/1 of the field counterattack opening through competition
Passing in 1/1 of the fiel 2:1 in continuance 5 minutes
Passing + dribbling in 1/1 of the field 2:1, 1:2 in continuance 5 minutes

Exercise I "AIRMAIL"

Aim: A punctual pass over a large distance
Gear: A ball
Coach's advice to players: Try to avoid putting-in from under the board and pass the ball in the lane of a player running out

An explanation of the exercise:

  • for this exercise only 1 ball is needed
  • a player must hit the ball against the board, catch it and quickly put it in from the front line
  • O1 passes to O2 and takes his position afterwards
  • after receiving from O1, O2 lays and remains in O3 position
  • O3 catches the ball after O2' laying, passes to O4 and goes to his position
  • O4 after receiving lays and takes O1 position
  • a various kinds of passing should be used
  • do a side shift after some period of time
  • some options are to go give to players a task of different way of finishing



Aim: To put the ball in rapidly after an opponent's score
Gear: two balls
Coaches advice to a player: quickly catch a ball after an opponent's

An explanation of the exercise:

  • players make 3 rows near the center
  • the exercise needs two balls
  • after a pivot, 01 passes to 02 and then goes for a jump, catches the ball, puts it in from the front line
    and goes to 02's row
  • after receiving 02 lays (or shoots) then opens himself for receiving in the opposite side, passes ball to 03 and goes to the end of the 03's row
  • 03 opens for receiving as soon as 02 receives the ball from 01 and then takes his place in 01's row
  • this can be an excellent warm-up exercise



Aim: developing the passing to a player in move
Gear: 1 or 2 balls
Coach's advice to a player: pass the ball in the player's direction of move


  • put players in four corners of one half on the field
  • two balls one opposite to the other
  • O1 passes to O2, sprints to the edge of a virtual quadrangle and gets a reverse pass from O2
  • after receiving O1 gives ball back immediately to O2 and goes to B row's end
  • after receiving the second pass from O1, O2 passes to the other player in C row, sprints to the middle and waits for a reverse pass
  • exercise is being done in continuity
  • players must be forced to be synchronized
  • O3 and O4 are doing the same as O1 and O2 do


Exercise I "ICUR LOST"

Aim: developing dribbling without eyes on the ball
Gear: a ball, eyes bandage, skittles or chairs serving as an obstacle in the field
Coach's advice to players: Get focused on the ball wherever it is


  • make pairs
  • one player has a ball and a bandage on his eyes
  • O1 dribbles wearing a bandage and has no right to talk
  • O2 gives instruction to O1 how and where to dribble, if he drop the ball, O2 gives it back to him
  • O2 gives instruction like this:
    • stop
    • sit
    • dribble behind your back
    • make two rounds
  • after a certain time, roles change (diagram 1)



Aim: developing dribbling without eyes on the ball
Gear: balls, eyes bandage, skittles or chairs serving as an obstacle and a few stopwatches
Coach's advice to a player: keep your head up while dribbling


  • players choose a pair
  • O1 dribbles with a bandage over his eyes through the polygon as fast as he can and has no right to talk
  • O2 navigates O1 through the polygon by giving instructions where and how to dribble and whenever O1lose his ball O2 gives it back to him and for each mistake total time is increased for 5 sec
  • time is measured for every O1 and roles changes
  • in the end both player's times are being added and the winner is a couple which passed the polygon within the shortest time wins
  • polygon should be relatively short (diagram 3)