Founded in 1976, for almost two decades AIK Banka AD Beograd was the internal bank of Agroindustrijski kombinat Niš. In the 1990s, however, the bank started commercial operations and began providing universal banking services. It did not take long for the bank, thanks to its liquidity, solvency and profitability, as well as to its equity volumes, to rise high and take a firm position as one of the leaders in the Serbian banking sector.

Following the course of modern banking, AIK Banka has adjusted its traditionally economy-oriented strategy to the demands of market.The scope of services was expanding year after year and business focus was leaning toward the products intended to population and agriculture, as well as the sector of small and medium enterprises.

Today, the bank is recognized as a reliable partner in both retail and corporate sectors. In addition to holding one of the topmost positions by any criteria, AIK Banka is also the leader of the Serbian banking system in terms of capital adequacy.

Being the socially responsible company, AIK Banka has been the sponsor of Yubac camp for two years, thus demonstrating the importance of sport and care to the young and their proper growth as crucial for society.