The story of Carnex is the story of quality, responsible management and 55 years of tradition. The story in which energy and passion are being constantly invested to remain consistent to the recognizable Carnex taste.

It was way back in 1958 that we started our journey towards the English market. Now, five and a half decades later, it has reached the leading position in the production of meat and meat products in Serbia.

The mission is to remain in leading position in the region.

Nearly half a century after the foundation, Carnex stands for a synonym for a blend of tradition and modernity, as it grows and develops in line with the new trends, all the while meeting your wishes by staying true to ourselves.

Carnex has been the sponsor of Yubac camp since 2013. It gave our campers a chance to taste all the products of this company. Children from abroad discover and meet unique flavors from Serbia. The children from Serbia enjoy the famous flavors and coaches and guests the recognizable smell and taste of childhood.