UNIQA formally started its business in Serbia on November 7, 2006 by founding 2 companies – UNIQA life insurance ltd dealing with life insurance businesses and UNIQA non-life insurance ltd. Therefore, UNIQA is the first company which entered the phase of dividing the works of life and non-life insurances, according to the National Bank of Serbia’s regulations.

Within the first 8 years of business, UNIQA provided with insurance a large number of clients and has more than half a million policyholders in Serbia. At the times of continual alterations of economic and social environment, their mission is to offer solutions to the clients, in order to let them enjoy in secure life completely.

Through the offer of various packages of insurance, modernizing its branch offices, running regional centers and training of the employees who are client-oriented, UNIQA offers services and products of Europe to the citizens of Serbia.

YUBAC and UNIQUA have a signed agreement on multi-annual sponsorship, on the basis of which all our participants are insured for the period of residence in our camp. Since the insurance is an important part of any journey and residence in a certain place, Uniqa has made the parents free of additional engagement in this important segment.