3 Person Mechanics

Designed for man and women officials who either want to learn, gain experience, or take their game to that ‘next level’ in 3 Person Mechanics.

This year’s camp offers expert instruction in 3 Person Mechanics, videotape analysis, on-court immediate feedback, engaging classroom sessions, along with a social event offering an opportunity to network with clinicians and campers.

The camp will caver various aspects of officiating, including rule interpretation, positioning, communication, and game management.

Participants will engage in practical exercises, live simulations, and video analysis sessions to enhance their understanding and application of officiating principles.

Bajina Bašta

Shift I :  July 7-14
Shift II :  July 28 - August 4
Instructor: Aleksandar Glišić
Price: from 600 EUR


Shift I :  July 14-21
Instructor: Ilija Belošević
Price: from 900 EUR

Contact us about applying

+381 62 471 040

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