Girls Camp

  • About CampPractice with specificity of female basketball: three-point shot, dribble and passing
  • Head CoachDragan Vuković, coach of Women National teams of Serbia, won the third place in Women Junior World Championship.

Price : 400 EUR


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There are currently no shifts available.

Training Schedule

Day 1 Arrival Training 1
Day 2 Training 2 Training 3
Day 3 Training 4 Training 5
Day 4 Training 6 Competition
Day 5 Free time Training 7
Day 6 Training 8 Training 9
Day 7 Training 10 Competition
Day 8 Departure

Training specificities

This year, in Yubac basketball camp, within the section of work with girls, we have decided to pay attention particularly to the basic elements of individual technique: passing, dribbling and shooting. We think that these elements are of particular importance in women basketball and, by adding to these a large number of repetitions, you can significantly improve them. We’ll focus on certain specificities like the following:


  • Timing (passing at the right moment)
  • The quality of pass (accuracy and strength)
  • One-hand off the dribble pass


  • Ball control (the power of pumping the ball toward the floor)
  • Tracking the play (looking at the ball as less as possible)
  • The rhythm of the dribble (the change of height and speed)
  • Direction change (forward, backward)


  • Ball reception (preparation for the shot)
  • Shooting (technique, balance)
  • A  three point shot (the set shot after an extra pass)
  • Off the dribble shot

Selective Training