" Basketball takes a special place in my life. Frankly, I wanted to be a footballer at first but a twist of fate pushed me toward basketball. So much sweat, work, beautiful moments but disappointments as well. It never occurred to me to give up. That’s what I would like to tell you. I’m sure that future players of the national team are there among you, the players that will leave a trace in this sport. Don’t back away at the first obstacle; let it turn into a motif to show more in the next training or game. Don’t let injustice hurt but stimulate you.

Friendship and work at Kopaonik will provide you with a basis for real basketball steps. Here with you are the coaches I used to work with and I’m sure they can give you a good ground for further development. Those are the things you will remember when you become true players. I know that future Teodosic, Bjelica, Krstic… are among you. See you at the Kop!!! "

Sincerely yours,

Vasa Micić

The most famous Serbian players are our camp demonstrators: N. Bjelica, D. Tomašević, D. Vidačić, I. Rakočević, S. Obradović, V. Šćepanović, Đ. Ostojić, J. Stanojević, S. Tošić, Z. Čabarkapa, B. Sekulić, S. Bukvić, J. Marković, B. Stošić, V. Đokić, Z. Bolić, V. Radmanović, S. Vujačić, B. Sekulić, R. Nesterović and many other guests from abroad.