Basketball takes a special place in my life. Frankly, I wanted to be a footballer at first but a twist of fate pushed me toward basketball. So much sweat, work, beautiful moments but disappointments as well. It never occurred to me to give up. That’s what I would like to tell you. I’m sure that future players of the national team are there among you, the players that will leave a trace in this sport. Don’t back away at the first obstacle; let it turn into a motif to show more in the next training or game. Don’t let injustice hurt but stimulate you.
Friendship and work at Kopaonik will provide you with a basis for real basketball steps. Here with you are the coaches I used to work with and I’m sure they can give you a good ground for further development. Those are the things you will remember when you become true players. I know that future Teodosic, Bjelica, Krstic… are among you. See you at the Kop!!! "

Sincerely yours,
Vasa Micić

how the best players do it

The most famous Serbian players and national team members were demonstrators at our camp:
Nemanja Bjelica, Bogdan Bogdanović, Nikola Kalinić, Boban Marjanović, Sonja Vasić, Nemanja Dangubić, Vladimir Stimac, D. Tomašević, D. Vidačić, I. Rakočević, S. Obradović, V. Šćepanović, Dj. Ostojić, J. Stanojević, S. Tošić, Ž. Čabarkapa, B. Sekulić, S. Bukvić, J. Marković, B. Stošić, V. Djokić, Z. Bolić, V. Radmanović, S. Vujačić, B. Sekulić, R. Nesterović.
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