Shooting Camp

Head Coach: 
Jovica Arsić

Learn to play like a pro

It looks quite simple to say – there is the right and the wrong way to do things. You can practice shot 8 hours a day, but if the technique is wrong, all “the good”, in shot is done in the wrong way.

You will practice

  • Set shot and free throws
  • Jump shot and 3 point shot
  • Lay up and pro lay up
  • shot in move and after dribbling… more than 2000 shots per camper
We bring you to the accurate automatism for scoring.


  • Warm up, stretching, conditioning
  • Technique (shooting, moving, receiving the ball)
  • Competition (1 min. shot, hot shot, free throws)
  • 3 on 3 play
We detect the causes of a miss.

Great shooters care about 3 things:

  • Did the team win?
  • Did I contribute to the win?
  • Who do we play next?
Rarely is there only one right way to do something – there is one way that is right for you discover it.

improve the shot technique

  • All players will be grouped according to age and skill level
  • Certificates of participation, prizes, trophies and awards
  • Competition: Quick shoot, 1:1 league
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