Dear campers,
The privilege to welcome you to YUBAC brings back sweet memories of my first basketball steps. My beginnings were very much the same concerning camps and program. I dare say without exaggeration that I would not have become what I am, if there had not been such an extensive help. Even if all camp participants do not become, the spirit of the camp still lingers on. The idea is to boost players’ qualities, by making use of one’s potentials, and thus cherishing good sportsmanship. It is our duty is to make all the YUBAC participants enjoy their stay and learn the best of sporting life. I am deeply honored to be with you and wish you a pleasant and unforgettable stay in our camp.

Faithfully yours,
Zoran Sretenović

head coaches

Jovica Arsić
Coach of Shooting Camp
Assistant Coach of the Yugoslav National Team in European Championship in Turkey in 2001, Head Coach of the National Team of Macedonia.
Dragoljub Vidačić
Coach of Guard Camp
Player of Red Star BC, Partizan BC , Hemofarm BC, assistant coach of Red Star and four times the champion of ex-Yugoslavia.
Mikica Marković
Coach of Game Camp
Dragan Vuković
Coach of Girls Camp
Coach of Women National teams of Serbia, won the third place in Women Junior World Championship.
Vlada Djurović
Coach of PRO Camp
Coach of Red Star, Panionis, Aris, AEK, Asvel, Lietuvos Ritas. The champion of Yugoslavia with Sibenka BC and Zadar BC.

Also working with us

Mikica Marković, Marko Cvetković, Slobodan Bjelica, Aleksandar Virijević, Vladeta Popović, Oliver Kostić, Ernest Rađen, Mirko Ocokoljić, Miloš Mitrović, Predrag Stanojčić, Viktor Antič, Milan Mitrović, Đuro Majkić, Marko Boras, Miodrag Perišić, Igor Mirković, Vladan Dragosavac, Miljan Nikolić, Milan Mandarić, Marko Filipović.
Our coaches have been chosen, with their attention and knowledge, to help each camper to develop its potentiality. Their expertise and professionalism, experience and pedagogical skills is to be shown on each game, training or all-day taking up with campers !
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