Guard Camp

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Head Coach: 
Dragoljub Vidačić

Make your teammates better

Listen to advice of one of the best European playmakers on how to become the leader of your team.

Working program

Training starts, lasts and finishes with an emphasized emotional note, which is the most important to younger categories for keeping full concentration during the two-hour practice.
The working atmosphere is excellent; affection to basketball is being developed through little games wherein dribbling is in progress, as well as passing, shot and all other technically tactical elements.
Each exercise has an integrated exclusive quality of coaching profession, there must be awareness of each second in field, in order to make a transfer during the game and make players, comparing to the initial state after their arrival, play more with “head”.

We teach camper

  • How to control the tempo of the game and how to set positional attack
  • How to start the counterattack and how to finish it
  • How to identify secondary counterattack and be in it
  • How to identify defense, how to organize attack

... and more

  • How to acquire basic skills in offense and defense
  • What are socio-cultural skills that he must possess
  • How to think in the play-maker’s position
  • How to develop the self-confidence
08:00 Getting up
08:30- 09.00 Breakfast
09:30- 10.00 Team meeting
10:30- 12.00 Training
12:00- 13.00 Lesson
13:00- 14.00 Lunch
14:00- 16.00 Rest
16:00- 16.30  Team meeting
16:30- 17.00 Warm-up
17:00- 18.30 Training
19:30- 20.00 Dinner
Total number of technically-tactical trainings = 11
Total number of trainings of general and specific physical preparation = 11
Total number of games = 5
Total number of competitions in basic basketball elements = 5
Play 1:1 in 1 of the field with three dribbling top = 3
Total number of meetings = 4

Application details

Bajina Bašta



600 €

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900 €

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The price includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, equipment, training process and insurance. Transfer has to be paid separately.

useful information

For more info, please navigate to Bajina Bašta and Kopaonik. For useful tips read FAQ.
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